Category: Vehicles and Modifications

There’s a lot of modifications you can make to your four wheel drive. Some of them are fairly necessary and some are just total overkill. We take a look at what’s really required and help dissect the solid advice from the BS.

Should you buy a canopy? What about your 12v system? We look at all things mechanical, tyres, suspension and more.

It’s easy to think you need a lot of gear, but that’s not the case. We aim to get you out on the trails and in the bush as fast as possible.

2024 Best 4WD products awards

The Best 4WD Products in 2024

The Rough As Guts annual awards for best in class and best value 4WD products. We cover swags, light bars, recovery gear, roof racks and

side by side comparison of stock suspension from D22 Navara and lift kit suspension

Should You Lift Your 4WD?

How do you get the most out of your 4WD without compromising road handling or looking like an idiot in a lifted mall crawler?

An old fuel bowser showing the price of 91 octane unleaded petrol

Fuel Additives for 4WD Touring

A look at the best fuel additives to take on a remote journey to combat fouling, water in fuel, diesel bug, low octane and more.