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Swags, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, car fridges, and carrying water are just a few of the topics we discuss in our camping guides and resources.

There’s never been a better time to hit the road, light a fire, unroll your swag and share stories with a few beers. Hopefully we can help you get there faster.

Chuditch campsite in lane poole reserve

Where to Camp Near Dwellingup

Camp near Dwellingup with these camp sites and grounds available in Lane Poole Reserve. Large groups with caravans or small swag sites available.

2023 Best 4WD products awards

The Best 4WD Products in 2023

The Rough As Guts annual awards for best in class and best value 4WD products. We cover swags, light bars, recovery gear, roof racks and

a soot covered billy (kettle) on top of a fire.

How to Make Billy Tea

How to Make Billy Tea – Australiana Preservation Series Billy Tea is important to us and here’s why: We fear that Australian culture is slipping.

moka pot and jetboil on rock in front of glacial lake

The Best Camping Coffee Set-Up

When you’re four wheel drive touring, a bit of luxury can go a long way. Here’s the best lightweight methods for making coffee while camping.