Category: Preserving Australiana

This is our attempt at preserving the nuances, attitudes and culture of Australian camping and exploration.

We feel as though there’s never been a more important time to try and stop the erosion of Australian traditions and cultures, due to the influence of predominantly American media. We also believe that when we’re travelling in the outback and living by the fireside, that this is where our way of life most comes into its own.

We want Australian four wheel driving and camping traditions to be maintained and this is is our grass roots attempt. Whether it be a billy tea recipe or a recommendation of a John Williamson song, every little bit counts. Help us keep the spirit of the bush alive.

a soot covered billy (kettle) on top of a fire.

How to Make Billy Tea

How to Make Billy Tea – Australiana Preservation Series Billy Tea is important to us and here’s why: We fear that Australian culture is slipping.