Author: Toby Richardson

Toby is the man behind the Rough As Guts brand. A love for adventure and total intolerance of suburban/city living is what drives Toby to advocate for life to be lived adventurously and unapologetically. Toby has been four wheel driving since he was six years old and has explored off-road in South America, Mexico, The USA, Thailand, The Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, the United Kingdom and nearly every single region in Australia. Some could argue that he’s opinionated and unapologetic, but it would hard to argue that Toby hasn’t walked the walk before writing about it.
2024 Best 4WD products awards

The Best 4WD Products in 2024

The Rough As Guts annual awards for best in class and best value 4WD products. We cover swags, light bars, recovery gear, roof racks and


4×4 Stores Perth

Perth has a great range of 4WD and camping shops, not just limited to the big box options like Anaconda and BCF. These are our

Chuditch campsite in lane poole reserve

Where to Camp Near Dwellingup

Camp near Dwellingup with these camp sites and grounds available in Lane Poole Reserve. Large groups with caravans or small swag sites available.

a soot covered billy (kettle) on top of a fire.

How to Make Billy Tea

How to Make Billy Tea – Australiana Preservation Series Billy Tea is important to us and here’s why: We fear that Australian culture is slipping.

D22 Navara being winched out of deep mud

Best Winch for Your 4WD

We look at the best winches available in Australia. We look at the best winch under $500, the best under $750 and the best under

side by side comparison of stock suspension from D22 Navara and lift kit suspension

Should You Lift Your 4WD?

How do you get the most out of your 4WD without compromising road handling or looking like an idiot in a lifted mall crawler?

moka pot and jetboil on rock in front of glacial lake

The Best Camping Coffee Set-Up

When you’re four wheel drive touring, a bit of luxury can go a long way. Here’s the best lightweight methods for making coffee while camping.

a white Amarok being winched out of a salt lake

How to Use a Winch

Know how to use your winch before you have to figure it out on the fly. How to choose the right winch, use it and

Brass automatic tyre deflator on valve stem of mud covered off-road tyre.

How to Use/Set Tyre Deflators

Set your Staun type brass deflators to a pre-set pressure, so you can easily deflate all 4 tyres quickly on the side of the track.

An old fuel bowser showing the price of 91 octane unleaded petrol

Fuel Additives for 4WD Touring

A look at the best fuel additives to take on a remote journey to combat fouling, water in fuel, diesel bug, low octane and more.